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SAP & QM Links                   I have left off the icons for this page so it will load much faster!  Check in often as I am adding links all the time.

SAP Links                                                                         QM Links

Americas' SAP Users Group                                                  

SAP Resource Center - Great site for clients/consultants.       

SAP @ MIT - MIT's SAP site.                                                   Other SAP Contractor's sites   

SAP FAQ - Frequently asked questions.                                 Robert Parkinson - Basis                                                                                                                      

SAP Reviews /Information                                             Bruce Best - QM Consultant Home Page                                                                           

Enterprise Resource Planning Site                                       

SAP Technology Inc.                                                            

SAP Assist  Great site for lots of SAP info                 

Plant Wide Research Group (source for ERP system info).        

SAP Information Exchange for French Speaking World    

All U Wanted for SAP     


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