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We can provide onsite/offsite consulting service for your SAP R/3 implementation of QM and other modules.  We also can provide after go live support for the continuing growth and return of your investment in SAP.  We can also provide a remote help desk for your QM and Batch management issues.

This is a brief description of the service's we can provide your company...

Key Benefits

bulletProviding an integrated module into the SAP system with ISO 9000 series certification.
bulletIntegrating QM within the Procurement functionality of SAP.
bulletIntegrating QM within the Production functionality of SAP.
bulletIntegrating QM within the Sales & Distribution functionality of SAP.
bulletIntegrating Quality Notifications for problem reporting needs.
bulletImplementing Batch Management with classification for increased trace ability and tracking.

SAP Expertise Capabilities

See the Consultant Profiles for individual capabilities.

Sample of Client Listings

Framatone ANP
Implemented QM in procurement and production with full results recording with sample procedures.  Implemented Batch Management Classification for full traceability.   Implemented serial number tracking through the PM module for use in procurement and production.  Used partial lots and inspection points for inspection results entry in production.
       Involved in Upgrade from 3.0d to 4.5b.
Buckeye Technologies
Batch level change from plant/material level to material.  Implemented the use of Batch management classification for entering traceability information.  Evaluated the use of QM for later implementation possibilities.
Maxtor Corporation
Implemented QM in procurement for defects recording and QM control for received and produced goods.  Used results for supplier performance and scrap reporting.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals
Implemented QM in procurement for QM control for received goods.  Implemented a custom QM data program using Batch Management with Classification using batch search strategies and quality certificates for Certificates of Analysis (CoA).
Wacker Silicones Corporation
Implementing QM in procurement, production, and sales and distribution.   Implemented the use of Batch management classification for transferring of inspection results to the batch for use in batch determination in SD and automatic CoA output.  The use of results recording for both procured and produced goods, defect recording, use of dynamic modification for skip lots, inspection plans, master recipes with the use of inspection points, inspection methods, sampling procedures, master inspection characteristics, and material specifications were used to accomplish the above tasks.   Involved in after go live support and ongoing enhancements.
ARCH Chemicals
Implemented QM for in process inspection, final inspection, and procurement.  Implemented the use of Batch management with classification for transferring inspection results to batch for use in CoA's in SD.  QM was implemented by itself as other modules were already live.
OLIN Corporation
Helped with already implemented SAP system in improving the use of QM module's capabilities.  Trained key user on QM IMG functionality.  Assisted in developing processes to solve existing problems within Quality and Production areas.
Osprey Consulting
Designed a pre-packaged solution using SAP's Discrete Industry solution and QM in 4.6c to be sold to high tech companies.
Help design a "proof of concept" idea for a high performance shop floor instance using a separate SAP instance communicating with the main SAP instance.  This was using PP and QM with IDOC's, BAPI's, and BDC's.  The shop floor instance was for entering production and quality data only.
Clariant Corporation
Implemented US requirements along with European design base of SAP to 12 US sites.  Implemented QM in procurement with certificate handling, skip lotting and skip testing, in process inspections using sample management functionality (replacing current LIMS systems), and final inspections.  All QM had to meet FDA and cGMP requirements.  All inspections used sample management.  Many sites producing different products so each site had unique requirements.
Northrop Grumman
Implemented full receiving inspection and production inspection at one site.  This site was the first site in a long line of sites to be implemented and the first time QM was used fully at any NG site.  Site used PS with project stock for all material tracking, purchasing, production.

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